Our goal is to provide you with first-rate representation to obtain successful results within the shortest possible time frame. We offer our clients the benefit of our wide-ranging legal experience at reasonable rates with unsurpassed focus on personal attention. Moreover, we have a very liberal phone and email policy, relieving you from the worry of having to set up an appointment to talk to us each time you have a question or concern. We want to hear from you whenever you have any issues or concerns. After all, communication leads to results.

We are glad you are visiting our Web site. I assure you that I, as well as my staff, will represent you to the best of our abilities. We shall give you honest assessments of the likelihood of success at each stage of the case, to avoid surprises for you. We look forward to working with you to meet your goals!

Again we are glad you have chosen US to assist you and we look forward to working with you.

Our Clients

Our clients include law abiding folks from all walks of life. Many of them are physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals, businessmen and women, academics, scientists, researchers, university professors and students; in addition to their employers, their families and their dependents.

We represent clients in cases across nearly every industry including:
- Business and Corporate Services
- Academic Grievances
- Estate Planning

We limit our number of clients to ensure your case is provided the most time and best outcome.

Our Services

The area of civil civil disputes resolution (mediation or litigation) encompasses a wide range of scenarios, from contracts and property deeds to intellectual property and personal trusts. Our legal team provides you with exceptional representation.

We concentrate on cases involving injuries or substantial financial damages suffered due to others’ negligence.

We represent clients in cases across nearly every industry including:
- Business and Corporate Services
- Contracts: drafting, negotiations, mediation
- Discrimination and harassment
- Medical malpractice
- Academic grievances
- Estate Planning